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Ceylon Discovery’s  Adventure Tours are exciting journeys through Sri Lanka’s wonderful landscapes and will satisfy those wanting something more than just a beach holiday……..You can Trek through mountainous villages, camp in the wilderness, climb a sacred mountain at night, raft down the white water rapids of the Kelani River, and challenge the waves of the Indian Ocean. Along the way, you will step into Sri Lanka’s ancient historical past; experience present day rural villages where life remains unhurried and people lead a balanced existence, and explore the jungles where herds of elephants roam free.



Highlights of The Tour
  • Wild Safari at Wilpattu National Park
  • Cycle through ruined ancient Kingdom-Anuradhapura (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Cycle through ruined ancient Kingdom-Polonnaruwe (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Ancient Aukena Buddha statue
  • Ritigala -Nature trail
  • Sigiriye Rock Fortress(UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Village Safari(Lake boat, Bullock cart and Tuk tuk Ride)
  • Dambulle cave Temple (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Kandy City Tour and visiting the temple of Tooth Relic
  • Train Journey in Hill country
  • Nature Trail-Horton Plains National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Elle trekking-Elle Rock & Little Adam’s peak
  • Overnight Camping & Wild Safari in Ude Walewe National Park
  • Elephant Transit Home at Udewalewe
  • Short Relax on a beach in south ( Mirisse/Koggala/Unawatune)
Travel Route Map

Detail Tour Itinerary


Arrival at Bandaranayeke International Ari Port and transfer to Hotel in Negambo

Dinner & Overnight stay at a Hotel in Negambo


After breakfast, leave for Anuradhpura  for two nights and afternoon, game drive at Wilpattu National Park in search of Leopard and Sloth Bear.  Wilpattu; Sri Lanka’s the largest National Park, occupying about a 1100km2 (425 sq mile) tract of shore line and jungle on the northwest coast, The park, become an eco tourism destination to rival Yala in the south, with huge expanses of forest and an array of rare mammal with over 250 species of birds, The park is also a best place to sight Asian Elephant, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Jackal, Asiatic Buffalo ,Crocodiles in addition to Leopards & sloth Bears

Dinner & Overnight stay at a hotel in Anuradhapura

DAY 03:


After breakfast cycle through ruined ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura-UNESCO World Heritage Site and Evening visit Mihintale-The cradle of Buddhism of Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura ;Sri Lanka’s first capital, which was the greatest monastic city of the ancient world ,dates back from the 4thc.BC. to 11th c AD. , ruled by more than 100 Sri Lankan kings. The World Heritage Site of Anuradhapura consists of a large number of sacred Buddhist sites including dagobas (gigantic dome-like structures), monasteries, palaces and the ancient Bo Tree, grown from the original tree in Budda Gaya under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment.

Just 13 kms away, is Mihintale, one of Sri Lanka’s most significant religious sites, where Buddhism originated on the island in 247 BC. Today it is very popular with Buddhist pilgrims and tourist, the complex consists of rocks caves, ponds and stupas. First monastery of Sri Lanka and the world’s first declared sanctuary; Mihintale’s ancient, spiritual ruins can leave you in awe

Dinner & Overnight stay at the same hotel in Anuradhapura


After breakfast leave for Dambulle for two nights and en-route visit Aukene Buddha & Ritigale ancient Forest Buddhist Monastery

Aukene Buddha; One of Sri Lanka’s most perfect and elegant statues, built in 5th c AD, lies to the west of the large Kala Wewa tank.The statue stands 12m high, carved from a single rock and is completely free standing. The nearby Kala Wewa tank is an excellent place to stop off and have a picnic with a most satisfying view

The Ritigala Buddhist Monastery nestles deep inside the Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve, is the partially excavated ruins of an extensive Buddhist Monastery, dates back 7th to 10th c AD. Walking around the beautiful ruins does certainly give you a feeling of adventures in search of mythical pasts; it is easy to imagine yourself as Indiana Jones whilst clambering over the overgrown relics of a forgotten time.

Dinner & Overnight stay at a hotel in Dambulle


After breakfast leave for Polonnaruwa -UNISCO World Heritage site and cycle through the ruined Kingdom. Polonnaruwe-the second kingdom of Ancient Sinhalese , became Sri Lanka’s royal medieval capital in 10th c AD and remained the capital until the late 13th century.  Today, the ancient city’s ruins remain in remarkably good nick; huge Palaces, Monastic complexes, Giant Stupas, Hospitals, Image Houses etc... The most impressive are the ancient sculptures of the Buddha at the Gal Viahara cut into Granite stone dating back to the middle of the 12th century

Dinner & overnight stay at the same Hotel in Dambulle


After breakfast climb up Sigiriye Rock Fortress- UNESCO World Heritage Site and next do a Village Safari

Sigiriye; the lion rock, a rock fortress-cum royal palace complex of 5thc AD, was created by king Kashyape who committed patricide made the rock his hideout in order to stay away from his half-brother who sought vengeance. This king not only fortified his stronghold but also added to it artistic beauty with water gardens, pavilions, courtyards,summer houses etc..… About two hours can happily be spent walking through its water gardens, and then up the steep steps - either hewn out of the rock or on circular iron staircases - past the frescoes. You will be in no rush to abandon the spectacular views at the summit

At Village Safari tour you can experience the village life of remote Sri Lanka, tasting a simple home-cooked meal while witnessing cooking demonstration at a village house .There you will be transported by Bullock cart to the village before walking through the paddy fields & jungle path ways, and enjoying a canoe ride in a reservoir. At the end you will have a funny Tuk Tuk ride around the village….surly, whole the activities here, giving you an unforgettable, amusing experience.

Dinner & overnight stay at the same Hotel in Dambulle


After breakfast leave for Kandy for two nights. En route visit Cave Temple at Dambulla-UNESCO World Heritage site where large number of Buddha statues housed in 5 caves, including a 14 meter long, colossal figure of the recumbent Buddha carved out of the rock, The caves’ rock ceiling covered in one large sweep of colorful frescoes. It is the best place to see the classical Buddhist paintings & murals of the island.

Next visit an Ayurvedic herbal & Spice garden at Matale, where spices & herbs used for Sri Lankan cuisine and medication are grown. And evening see the Cultural Show in Kandy. Kandy- UNESCO World Heritage Site, the capital of hill country, was the last seat of Sinhalese kings who ceded power to the

British in1815 after many battle with the western colonial forces, still remains much of its old world charm and traditions of the Sri Lankan life style, At the Cultural Show, can enjoy the Dancers & Drums of Traditional Artist with their magical Fire walking.

Dinner & over night stay at a hotel in Kandy


After breakfast leave for sightseeing in Kandy city-UNESCO World Heritage site; including Upper Lake Drive, picturesque premises of the University of Peradeniya , and Observe the glorious Architecture of that period. Visiting Art & Craft Centers, Gem Lapidary to see the rich skills of Kandian Traditional Craftsmen & Artists. And afterward visit Royal Botanical Gardens at Peradeniye ; the Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya used to be the pleasure garden of a Kandyan King of the 16th Century and later made in to a Botanical Garden during the British regime. This gardens; one of the best in Asia is a place of beauty and site for bird watchers.

Dinner & over night stay at the same hotel in Kandy


In the morning visit the sacred tooth relic temple of the Buddha. The temple, the most venerated place of Buddhist of Sri Lanaka, was built in the 14th Century A.D. solely for the purpose of housing the tooth relic which was brought to the island in 4th c AD. The temple has decorative walls, a golden roof and fine woodwork. Religious services (pooja) with traditional music and drumming are held daily at dawn, mid-day and in the evening where guests can participate

Afterward leave for Nuwere Eliye and en route visit to a Tea Factory with rolling tea gardens .The journey goes via crashing waterfalls & stunning landscape and reach Nuwere Eliye in the evening: Nuwara Eliya also known as Little England is where the homesick British (The Tea Planters) built themselves a home away from home

Dinner & over night stay at a hotel in Nuwere Eliye


After breakfast leave for Horton plains National Park. The region is considered a super biodiversity hotspot. The Park, named after British governor Sir Robert Horton is a world apart from rest of the tropical island. This mysterious national park offers some excellent hikes in an unusual environment, characterized by forest patches, grassland and some high altitude vegetation. This gentle walk takes two to four hours depending on how much time is spent identifying the impressive bird life seen along this route.

Afterwards leave for Elle by train passing densely covered tea plantations, remote villages and spectacular waterfalls, the train journey from Nuwere eliye to Elle often stands out as one of Sri Lanka’s most unforgettable journeys.


Ella is a beautiful small village in Sri Lanka's hill country with little more than a handful of shops, hotels and guesthouses, but it has an almost perfect climate and occupies a very scenic vantage point, with views on a fine day stretching right across the South Coast of Sri Lanka. At Elle you can have pleasant walk & Climb up the little Adam’s peak and Elle rock to enjoy stunning sceneries surrounding.

Dinner & over night stay at the same hotel in Elle


After breakfast leave for Udawalewe for Safari Drives & camping experience .Udewalewe National Park is one of the guaranteed and is probably the best place to see wild herds of Elephants, consisting of tightly-knit family groups of up to four generations of related adult and sub-adult females and young. Look for dry zone birds, which include Little Green Bee-Eater, Malabar Pied Hornbill & Blue-faced Malkoha. You will stay overnight at the mobile camping site situated by a river, deep within the National Park

Dinner and Overnight stay in the Udewalewe Park


After breakfast leave for Galle and morning visit Elephant Transit Home at Udewalewe where care for baby & Young Orphaned, injured elephants from all over Sri Lanka. The orphaned baby elephants reside at the transit camp for about four years until they are old enough to be weaned of milk and learn to eat grass and other vegetation from the bush. After rehabilitation, they are released back into the wild, many into the Uda Walawe National Park. Each infant has to be fed on Lactogen milk formula five times a day first the first six months. Much funding is required for this expensive feeding process. The Wild Life Department has initiated a Baby Elephant Adoption Programme where individuals can provide funding on a monthly basis and become a foster parent to a baby elephant of their choice. Support this valiant effort at conserving the dwindling elephant population of Sri Lanka.

You can’t get up close and personal with the elephants, but feeding time is still a lot of fun,

Dinner & overnight stay at a Hotel in Koggale/Unewatune


After breakfast, transfer to International Airport according to your flight time  

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