Tissa and Yala

Tissa & yala of Sri Lanka is dominated by lotus filled lakes, lush green paddy fields and gigantic Dagobas (Buddhist temples) that dates back to the 2nd century B.C and amazing wild life. The jungle shrine of Kataragama located an hours drive away from Tissa and has great religious and historical significance that cuts across race and religion that brings together Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians each day to worship at its numerous temples of all faiths located within the sacred city.

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En route to Tissa and Yala from the southern highlands you pass through the Buttala foothills, known for its savanna-like plains and home to some of the best National Parks in the country, including Uda Walawe. To the north Buttala is dominated by the green foothills of the central highlands and to the south the land is flat and dry, filled with dry zone forest, scrub jungle, paddy fields and sugar cane plantations. The Buttala Foothills has much to offer for those interested in wildlife and heritage.

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  • Tissa’s ancient Dagobas set amidst lush green paddy fields
  • Tissa’s water birds and lotus filled lakes
  • Kataragama’s mix of ancient shrines and temples
  • Pooja time at the Hindu shrines at Kataragama
  • Poya full-moon day at the Kirivehera in Kataragama
  • Kataragama Perehara in July or August
  • Leopards in Yala National Park
  • Bird watching in Bundala National Park
  • Wild elephants in Uda Walawe
  • Elephant Transit Home near Uda Walawe
  • Maligawila Buddha statues
  • Buduruwagala’s ancient rock sculpture

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