Kalpitiye, in the northwest coat, just 160 km away from the capital Colombo, is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Sri Lanka. It is a stretch of land skirted by sea on one side and lagoon on the other with fourteen unspoiled islands basking in the sun, rimmed by the Blue water of the Indian Ocean. The landscape of Kalpitiye is gifted with flat coastal plains, mangroves, swamps as well as saltpans and salt marshes: which is a true holiday destination for a naturalist.

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Kalpitiya has been identified as a hotspot to see several different varieties of dolphins and The deep sea off the Kalpitiya Peninsula where the continental shelf lies provides an ideal habitat for giant oceanic predators like Sperm Whales and you need to dive several hundred meters to hunt prey such as the Giant Squid. Dugongs inhabit the lagoon and the coastal habitats provide nesting and feeding grounds for hundreds of species of resident and migrant birds, with its diverse vegetation and blend of lush green giving different textures at different seasons.

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  • Dolphin-watching expeditions from November to April
  • Kite Surfing in Sethawadiya Lagoon
  • Big game at Wilpattu National Park
  • Morning fish auction on Kalpitye beach
  • Glorious ancient ruins of Anuradhapura -UNESCO world heritage site

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