Don't miss in Sri Lanka

Hidden Kingdom of Sigiriya (Lion Rock)

Sri Lanka’s most remarkable sight, this towering rock outcrop is home to the fascinating remains of one of the island’s former capitals, complete with ancient graffiti, elaborate water gardens, a giant lion statue and perfectly preserved frescoes of voluptuous heavenly nymphs.

A game of Cricket

Join with the crowds of cricket-crazy spectators for matches, played around the island

Orphan Elephants at Pinnawala

One of the island’s most popular attractions, Pinnewala is home to the world’s large troupe of captive elephants, from dignified elderly matriarchs to the cutest of babies.

Panoramic Ella

Sri Lanka’s most beautiful village offers verdant walks amongst the surrounding tea plantations and a marvelous view through the Ella Gap to the plains below

Buddhist murals in Dambulla Caves

The most excellent place to see the classical Buddhist temple paintings of Sri Lanka .The caves also house a collection of colorful murals of Buddha in various sizes and poses. Vividly colored frescoes on the walls and ceiling, made it the largest antique painted surface in Asia.

Gangarama Temple (Colombo)

A Temple not just only for worshiping but more of learning and seeing. Featuring a Vihara (temple), the Cetiya (Pagoda) the Bodhitree, the ViharaMandiraya, the Simamalaka and the Relic Chamber, it also has a museum, a library, residential hall, a three-storied Pirivena, educational halls and an alms hall. 

Ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa

Home to the island’s finest collection of ancient Sinhalese art and architecture. Ruins lie from giant Stupas, the Buddha statues of the Gal Vihara to the remarkable religious buildings of the Quadrangle.

Bawa Hotels

With their memorable blend of modern chic and traditional design, the hotels of architect Geoffrey Baw exemplify contemporary Sri Lankan style at its most seductive

Kandy Esala Perahera (Kandy Festival)

One of Asia’s most spectacular festivals, the Perahera parades magnificently caparisoned elephants accompanied by ear-splitting troupes of Kandyan drummers and assorted dancers and acrobats.

Sea Turtles at Kosgode

Holding a tiny newborn turtle in the palm in one of the turtle hatcheries at Kosgode, is an amazing experience…. Learn and observe the process of turtle nesting, hatchlings being born, and swimming back to sea from Turtle Conservation Projects at Kosgode

Exploring around the scenic Kandy city

Beautifully situated amidst the central highlands, the historic city remains the island’s most important repository of Sinhalese culture, illustrated by the Temple of the Tooth Relic.

Leopards of Yala

Sri Lanka’s most popular and rewarding national park Yala, home to birds, monkeys, crocodiles and elephants, as well as the island’s largest population of leopards.

A train journey across the Hill country

Experiencing one of the world’s most scenic train rides in the dramatic landscape of the highlands; pass through lush tea plantations, majestic peaks and rushing waterfalls.

Shopping in Colombo and Kandy

Highlights include clothing with many well-known European and American brands, antiques, furniture, home-wear and jewelry. There are also some good craft shops and some bazaars that are fun wandering around to get a feel for the real Sri Lanka

Artifacts of Colombo National Museum

Housed in a fine colonial-era building, the museum is famous for its collection of ancient royal regalia, Sinhalese artwork; carvings, sculptures, antique furniture, Ola manuscripts. Ancient and medieval jewellery etc.

Ceylon Tea

Refresh yourself with a coup of  best Tea in the World and Take home a packet of world famous Ceylon Tea…Sample the fine blends and venture out to the various flavors; lemon, Orange, mint, lime, strawberry…

Colonial charm of the Galle Dutch Fort

Sri Lanka’s most perfectly preserved colonial townscape with sedate streets of personable Dutch villas enclosed by a chain of imposing ramparts.

Ceylon Blue Sapphire

Associated with royalty for over centuries, the Sri Lanka Blue Sapphires or ‘Ceylon Sapphires’ are universally renowned for their magnificent quality, size and uniqueness of the colors. Sapphires are considered a symbol of love, loyalty, power, royalty and wisdom.

Blue Whales at Mirisse

Make a voyage for the biggest creature ever to inhabit planet earth; the blue whales in to the deep sea of the southernmost point. It is a feeding & breading ground of the giants and there are around 26 different species of whales traversing the region, including the well-loved dolphins.

Exotic tropical Fresh Fruits

Try perennials like Papaya, Pineapple, several varieties of Mango, Passion Fruit and over a dozen varieties of Banana. Or go for the unusual-pearly white Mangosteen in its purple husk, Rambutan, Sapodilla, Soursap, Guava, Beli, Varaka- Ripen Jack Fruit and Durian

The elephant Gathering at Minneriye

One of Asia’s, perhaps one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles, known as The Gathering ;three hundred or more elephants gather for several weeks in one concentrated spot.

Dolphins in Kalpitiye

The place is a hotspot to see several different varieties of dolphins like Spotted, Spinner, Fraser’s, Risso’s and Common Dolphins as well. Hundreds of Dolphins can be seen just minutes off the shores of Kalpitiya

Bird Wave at The Sinharaja

It is the place for an interesting biological phenomenon where a highly visible participation of different Bird species to be observed. There mixed species bird on average 42 individual birds occur in the flocks, which makes this the world's largest mixed species bird flock.

Indigenous People in Dambana

the Vaddha or Wanniya-laeto ('forest-dwellers') as they call themselves, preserve a direct line of descent from the island's original Neolithic community dating from at least 16,000 BC and probably far earlier according to current scientific opinion

Cultural Show

Observe traditional Sinhalese culture at its most exuberant, with brilliantly costumed dancers performing limb-twisting feats of acrobatic dancing. The dancers are accompanied by energetic drumming.

The nature track in Horton Plains

This mysterious national park offers some excellent hikes in an unusual environment, characterized by forest patches, grassland and some high altitude vegetation.

Hoppers, Kottu , Lamprais, Spicy Rice and Curry

Eat your way through the classic Sri Lankan feast with its mouth-watering selection of contrasting dishes and flavors. Crispy and wafer-thin delicate bowls of Hoppers. Kottu; a dish made of chopped Rotti mixed with vegetables and meats, just follow the noise of chopping and banging it. Lamprais; a portion of rice, egg and meat baked in a plantain leaf. Rice & Curry: the national dish is anything but a cliché It’s a banquet for the masses-you’re presented with up to a dozen small dishes of vegetables and usually meats that have been prepared myriad ways.

Coconut Arrack, lion beer and Ginger Beer

Cocoanut Arrack: The local whisky made of fermented and somewhat refined toddy; nectar of coconut flower. It can have a powerful kick and give you a worse hangover. Lion Beer: the beer for the travelers look for a locally browed one to try out. Lager is a crisp and refreshing that is widely sold. Ginger Beer: A non-alcoholic soft drink, made with entirely locally sourced natural ginger offers a refreshment with a zing-look out for the Elephant or Loin brand

Ayurveda -Indigenous medicine

Sri Lanka’s ancient system of holistic health care uses herbal medicines and a range of traditional techniques, from gentle massages and steam baths to blood-letting treatments with leeches and fire.

Buffalo curd and Watalappam

Buffalo Curd: A wonderfully creamy yoghurt usually served with thick, dark brown treacle known as Kitul pani-syrup from Kitul palm. Wattalappam: is a delicious pudding made from coconut milk, egg and juggery. Various spices such as cardamom & cashew nut give it a flavor that’s both unique and addictive

Beaches of South and East coast

In the South coast Bentota, Mirissa and Tangalle: the most delightful beach resorts of the island with large star-class hotels and exclusive boutiques. Those boat stunning deserted beach with a tranquil tropical cover and endless sweeps of white sand.  Passikudha & Nilaveli: The beaches of choice on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. With crystal clear blue waters and stunning wide- white sandy beaches are a popular destination amongst sun worshippers bathing.

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